Monday, 30 April 2012

Sports shoes for this cricketing season – Nike Airzoom

IPL season is on a full swing and the cricket fever on a high rise. This calls for all excitement and fun, but I am more thrilled about the local cricket tournament that would commence in a couple of days. In fact, I went out last weekend to buy a pair of cricketing shoes and to my joy, I found Nike offering its latest sports shoes series – Airzoom. Let me tell you it is just awesome and other members of my cricketing team can vouch for that, too. I know they would because as soon as they saw what I had bought, they went shopping for the same Nike series, hours after. Since the shop was already closed, they logged on to online shoe store to book their pairs of Nike shoes, for sure.

Nike Airzoom series offers five types of sports shoes – Century, Google, Opener, Pace, and Yorker. Just by the name you can tell, what they mean to convey. They all look different and have been designed in a way to match the temper of the kind they represent. For example, the Century model has been intelligibly given a number of ventilation spots as if aware that staying on the pitch for longer needs your feet to stay as comfy as it can get to. Being a fast bowler, I bought Pace that has broad collar for the feet to fall down liberally, each time I would ball.

How would you resist buying something that can become your signature style stuff? You won’t, I can hear you say!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Formal wear for the working man!

For the working men, clothing is a typical set of formals that brings up their professional side with an integral aspect. But, then there are people who would be seen power dressed around your cubicles and add the hue of professionalism just more. Formal wear of men’s clothing definitely have kept on getting smarter. So, the question is how do you catch up?

A large factor of your formal dressing depends upon the size and style of your clothes. There would be specific sizes as we all know, but there are specific fittings as well. For example, the comfort fit, the slim fit, the regular fit, the extra-slim fit, even the skinny fit types. So in case you have been putting on a lot of weight recently and your annual appraisal time is nearing by, the comfort fir would be a must one for you. On the same note, if you have trained yourself too hard in the gym, a slim-fit shirt would give you a cool-working-guy looks.

Next comes the selection of shoes. Essentially, well-polished leather ones. The selection of formal shoes should be based on the standard of leather as you have to stay in the office for some 8-10 hours. If unsure about how to look for quality leather, always go for a reputed brand, such as Red Tape, Cobblerz, and Lee Cooper.

Keeping in mind that your dressing is the second you doing the talks and creating rapport, keep upgrading your style quotient as and when you get time.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shop till you Drop!

Shopping is another best exercise to keep your mind healthy! No man or woman should have the same kind of clothes, shoes, accessories, home furnishings, etc. for long. Life should be trendy and changing as someone said ‘Variety is the spicy of life’. Shopping just not keep your mind healthy but also keeps you up to date in fashion and trends.

These days shopping in India has become a routine affair, there will not be any day when you’ll not find people on streets buying something or the other. Don’t know is it demand or status, but yes shopping is one great activity to do. India has now open virtual shops for its citizens. Online shopping in India has shot up tremendously. In these online shops in India, you get everything you think of, be it clothes, shoes, designer bed sheets, fragrances, etc. you get quality and assurance both and several other facilities like Cash on Delivery (COD), 30-days exchange program, Free Shipping, etc. depending on the relative portal.

It’s really maddening to see so many brands together along with products and varieties. Assuring you and giving you the best price for the product selected by you. You can browse through the images and read about them. It will give you an overall feel of the product and its use. Also, you can get to see how to wear a particular dress or what color should go with a specific jean. It’s a complete bizarre of everything you think!

 People in physical market can still stop you to browse through products but here there’s nothing like that, click on the section you want to, see what product you wish to, it’s all yours! You can easily gift or recommend your friends to buy, by just sending them links. It’s easy and effective!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Adidas’ new launch – CLIMAcool sports shoes!

Summer has arrived and the sunrays are not into a kind mood anymore. Staying cool would once again be a tough task, especially when you are working out. So, while you peek into shops and brands for the right pair of sports shoes for your running hours, let me take you to something that is already creating a buzz among early morning joggers, the latest Adidas CLIMAcool range.

Launched for both men and women, CLIMAcool is as comfortable as it sounds by its name. As ever, Adidas has designed it perfectly without adding any weight to the sports shoes. Patented CLIMACOOL technology ensures optimal ventilation for your feet, hence making them sweat no more. These shoes are flexible and offer great performance for your workouts.

Adidas CLIMAcool comes in three variations – Seduction, Solution, and Freshride. Seduction model offers blister-free comfort level by minimizing perspiration an effective way. CLIMAcool Solution are meant for longer hours of outdoor activities and come with extra meshwork on this Adidas footwear. Adidas has strategically designed a perforated liner for this model to help it breathe yet more. The third one of the trio, Freshride, is lighter than the rest, intended specifically for running purpose. It sports extensive grip design on the outer sole for this.

The women’s range of Adidas CLIMAcool has been ergonomically designed for women with narrow cut architecture for a comfortable fit. As soon as you drop your feet inside, you can sense the snugly feel. We know well, the standard of Adidas running shoes holds a great reputation among sports shoes in India.

The shoes are available for purchase on online shopping portals as well as across retail outlets. For those Nike fans who wanted more out of its Free Run range, Adidas CLIMAcool can simply be a great choice. I’m already in!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Broad gamut of casual shoes!

Shoes have become more than merely a part of uniform or formal wear. Trendy and colorful shoes add zing to your persona helping you achieve a desired look. Casual shoes help to take on an effortless style due to more breathability and interesting patterns. While wearing these shoes, you feel that the world is beneath your feet. Whether you are heading for a trip, picnic, etc. reflect your chic attitude with a right pair of casual shoes. However, it takes a lot to find a right pair. No worries! Take a deep breath as online footwear stores are there to reach to your favorite pairs in minutes.

The convenience that online footwear stores offer is unmatchable as one need not to take out extra time from hectic schedule to buy shoes. Also, you find almost all notable shoe brands at one place such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Reebok, Woodland, etc. Thus, to grab the latest shoe pair from your favorite brand, try online shopping this time. Everyone would surely find something of his or her choice so log in today.      

In India, the enthusiasm of shoes has no limit and buying shoes online has made the process simpler. Discover the bountiful designs offered by online footwear stores and complement your attire while choosing the apt pair. Add eye-catching shoes to your collection to accentuate your style. For an effortless style, casual shoes would be the right choice while sports shoes can help you in achieving the desirable sporty look. Refresh your look today while buying shoes online.
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