Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Designer Kurtis- Favorite for Women!

We ladies like to dress in something that keeps us at ease. We always like something that spares us to wear and carry the traditional Indian look at the work and market places, at least. Today, most of the ladies are working or engaged in some service or the other. Thus it becomes tough for the ladies to carry themselves draped in saree and the required jewelry. It’s not possible for every female to carry saree with ease, therefore to excuse from the daily saree routine most of the ladies have switched to the Punjabi dress, salwar kameez. 

Salwar kameez is the most worn outfit these days as it is comfortable, allows flexibility and is fashionable. There are a lot of designs and styles that can be incorporated in salwar suits. Many designers have fashioned wonderful creations in this outfit. This is a versatile apparel that can be designed in new styles every day. Every newly attire designed is different from the one designed earlier. The creativity gets enhanced with salwar suits. 

Most of the girls do not like to scrap off their skinny denims, so for them there are designer kurtis. You can easily team up your kurti with leggings or your denims to get the chic look. The designer kurtis are there in the market in varied styles and brands. A lot of brands have started to manufacture kurtis to cater to the needs of women. You must check out the collection if you haven’t checked. Also check online kurtis as they save your time and give you better deals than the local markets.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Belt- My favorite fashion accessory for women!

Belts are my most favorite fashion accessories till date. They way it transforms the look is commendable. You start to look sexy and slim. By wearing a belt appropriately, you can very well hide your not-attractive sides while drawing attention to the proud body parts. For a flattering silhouette, you must choose a belt according to your body type.
Usually, a medium sized belt which is one or two inches thick is suitable for almost all body types.
  •            Women with long torso should wear sleek belts; however women with small should go for wider belts.
  •            If you have a long torso, then place your belt 2 inch below the navel, it will help you to have a proportionate look.
  •           For girls who have smaller torso, they should try to match their belt color with that of the outfit. This will help you to avoid segmenting your outfits.
  •           If you have a pear shaped body, then it is best if you wear a belt that emphasizes your waist. Just avoid wearing large belts.
  •           For an hourglass figure, it’s recommended to wear monochromatic, thin belts. You can also go for dark shades.
  •           Want a slimming look; wear a belt that is wider around the middle of your waist. Choose for leather belts and dark colors belts they will work for you.
  •           You can buy belts online, for an inverted triangle shaped body. For such a body a wide hip belt is the perfect accessory to compliment with your dress.
 Select your accessories on the basis of occasions like a formal belt would be different from a semi-formal belt. Choose your belt wisely to make a good impression.
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