Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sportswear for sports heroes!

Those who practice any kind of sports need some essential gears to support their intense activities in addition to avoiding injuries. For instance, if someone plays football, perfect football boots, leg guards, etc. are some necessary equipment to get perfection in their game and to tackle the opponent without getting hurt. Other than the equipment, clothing always plays a major role to help someone deliver his best performance in his favorite game. If one does not wear clothes of right size during his play, he can suffer injuries. Ill-fitting clothes may also affect one’s performance. One needs an outfit in which he can relax and move freely across the field. So, one must ensure that he wears the right kind of clothes to improve his game and to maintain his fitness as well.

Ideally, one should wear sportswear made of a breathable material. A snug-fit is also important to allow unhindered body movements during the play. Sportswear comes in many styles and fabrics to help every sportsman choose something as per his need. Track pants, shorts, sports t-shirts, and many other sportswear are available in the market in various styles and colors. One can choose something that suits his activity. Many sports brands manufacture sportswear made of different materials to help sportsmen choose the right sportswear to support their activities like Adidas track pants, Nike shoes, etc.

You can buy these sports merchandise from the online sports stores to save money on your purchase or you can also try traditional sports stores. Pick right sportswear to improve your performance.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Must-try colors for men!

Have you got bored of limiting yourself to black, blue and white shirts and t-shirts? Are you looking for some bold colors or patterns to put across your livelier side? All men out there have a look at the choices in colors that are popular this season.

Dark green: Dark green is the hottest trend of this season. If you got tired of wearing those limiting shades, try a dark green shirt or green cotton t-shirt. Pair your dark green shirt with neutral pants for getting a more formal look. If you are going for a casual outing, team a soft green t-shirt with your classic pair of denims.

Tangerine: Tangerine is one color that is totally in this season. As not many people wear this color, wear a tangerine shirt with denims or trousers to get known for a unique fashion statement.

Yellow: Yellow shirts are in trend these days. This is the one must-try color for all fashion followers as it help get a cool look and accentuates your features as well. Choose a fine shade that goes well with your skin tone.

Purple: Purple has become the hottest trend this season. This color has become the new black or white as it is commonly worn by most men these days. Just like girls, boys too are influenced by this cool shade. 
These are some bold must-try colors for this season. However, there are even more bold shades that are available for those who are confident enough to try something different. So, pick your favorite color to express your bold style statement!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fashion advice for moms-to-be!

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. The feeling of giving birth to a new life makes a woman excited and she feels complete. During this phase, there are many things that changes and one of them is the clothing style. Yes as your baby grows, you’ll need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable so that the baby insideyou can also feel good. Fashion conscious ladies may feel somewhat upset, but fashionable maternity clothing allows you to wear your style even when you are pregnant. So to make a right choice with your clothes, read the most inspirational, fashionable, and easy going fashion tips for pregnant women:

     1)   The length of your dresses matters the most when you’re pregnant. Pick dresses like skirts that reach upto the knees. Anything going beyond that would make you look dowdy and shorter. When I say that you should not wear long dresses, it does not mean that you can wear too short dresses. Dresses just above the knees would help you look elegant.

2)     Soft and silky fabrics are just right to give a smooth fit to the wearer. Flowing fabrics help pregnant ladies feel comfortable.Wear a long women maternity top over the bootleg pant for getting a flattering look.

3)   Wrap style tops are also a good choice for pregnant ladies. Wear dresses with nice necklines so as to draw the attention towards your neck, shoulders, and face.

4)      If you’re pregnant that does not mean that you can’t wear patterns and colors, but avoiding picking the extremes. Add colors to your outfits with colorful scarves, bag, or a camisole layered under a soft cardigan.

5)  Wear long necklaces and big chunky jewelry to complement your ever growing baby bump.

Suit-Sets for Ladies!

Ladies can never change nor can change their fantasy for clothes and fitting. Not just girls but the women of today like to dress themselves in perfect fitting and silhouette-sculpting dresses which make them look slim and sexy. Females do not have many options as the customs do not allow many women to dress themselves in jeans and skirts. Therefore, they can look out to try suit-sets which are available in the market. You can alter them as per your figure and get the accentuating look. The market is full of options for all these salwar kameez set, you can go for varied designs like embroidery, cut work, stone work, kaftan style, etc.

Not just the physical shops but the online stores also have varied designs and styles of these suits-sets. I have checked out Jabong recently, and have found the collection quite nice. It has wide range covering exclusive designers and brands. Some of the esteem brands that are showcasing their collections on this online portal are Aapno Rajasthan, Biba, Global Desi, Vishudh, Aneri, Peppertree, Mother Earth, People, Sanskriti, Shree, Ayaany, Magnetic Designs, Archisha, Ethnic Closet and other renowned brands.

The purchase process is very simple in almost all the online shopping portals. You just have to sign up, if you wish to avail the sign up discount. Today, all the online shopping portals are giving sign up discounts to their customers. Therefore, add the product to your cart, punch the discount coupon code and finally select the payment medium like Cash on Delivery, credit card or debit card and get your order shipped for free of cost.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why Clothing?

Clothing is the covering that you wear to cover your body. Have you ever seen cows, cats, dogs, tigers, etc. animals except the pet ones wearing clothes? No, this is because clothing is restricted to human beings. Physically, clothing can serve many purposes like protection from several elements; enhance safety protection while performing activities like hiking, cooking and others. If you have been like the early man, you could have got insect bites, scratched from the rough surfaces and other things could have hurt you badly. Clothing provides protection from the day-to-day activities which might hurt us badly. Clothing helps to insulate against hot and cold conditions. You can protect your skin from harmful UV radiations and can remain hygienic, away from infectious and toxic materials.

Clothing has brought about a massive change from the time it came into existence. Today, we just don’t wrap ourselves in a piece of cloth but also have different cuts and styles to it. Who knew that there would be a day when skirts for women will be there or jeans for all, and formal suits for men. In earlier days the clothing style was not in sync with what we follow today, but was entirely different. Nowadays, clothing style is not stuck to gender classification but has risen above it. The trousers which were supposed to be worn by men have now changed its orientation and have become universal which exclaims that even women can also wear them. Stylize yourself in different looks and enjoy the new you!
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